Who We Are ?

DEFTR was established in 2012 as a limited company. DEFTR; In addition to production, service and process support in areas such as Services, Training, Engineering and Consulting
offers. Our aim is cutting-edge products and services, especially software services; To present it to the Defense Industry, Public, Medical, Industrial and Media markets.

As a technology company that has adopted the quality management system in accordance with international military standards, our primary goal is to ensure customer satisfaction and product quality throughout the product life in all of our projects. Our teammates in our projects carry out their work in accordance with Mil-Std 973, Mil-Std 498, Mil-Std 499, ISO 27001, ISO/IEEE 12207, ISO/IEEE 15288, CMMI-DEV V3 standards and models.

80% of our multidisciplinary staff consists of undergraduate and graduate personnel. The core team, which has been working together for more than 10 years on average, demonstrated its competence by developing the first Air Traffic Control Training Simulator in Turkey and presenting it to the armed forces while it was in its early years.