Our Stinger Missile Firing Simulator (ATISSIM) product is a powerful training platform with 180-360 degree viewing angles and countless scenario possibilities. It is scalable according to building and place characteristics.


Thanks to the easy-to-use trainer console, day and night, different climatic conditions, night vision, different location settings, different types of friendly-enemy aircraft and scenarios can be selected.

ATISSIM Stinger Training Simulator

Developed as an alternative to the old-style stinger simulators in the armed forces, this system does not require a special building and can be scaled according to the characteristics of the building and place. 180 Degree, 360 Degree or Domed Screen designs can be offered. Presentations can be projected with augmented reality (AR). Although many aircraft are defined within the scope of the product, it is possible to introduce different models of aircraft to the system in line with the demands. Night and Day, different training locations, all kinds of weather conditions, night vision can be presented in scenarios.

Key Features

  • Multiple Or Single Projection System
  • 180 Degree Flat, 180 Degree Curved, 360 Degree and Dome Design Display Presentations
  • Wide Variety of Scenario Production
  • Different War Front Environments and All Kinds of Climatic Conditions
  • Smart Assets
  • IFF Automatic
  • Sensors That Detect the Position of The Weapon
  • Replay After Training Report
  • Ignition Analysis
  • Role Player Identification
  • Different Aircraft (F16, F 4, MIRAGE 2000, SU 24, MIG 31,CN 235)