NIGHT WING Night Vision Training System

NIGHT WING, due to the reduction of visual references during night operations for the pilot and the aircraft; It was created to increase its defense against possible dangers caused by landforms, meteorological conditions and visual illusions, to reduce these dangers and to increase safety and efficiency in night flight operations.

Night Vision Training System

Due to the decrease in visual references during night operations, the pilot and the aircraft; landforms are vulnerable to possible hazards caused by meteorological conditions and visual illusions.

It was created to reduce hazards and increase safety and efficiency in night flight operations. NIGHT WING provides different education systems, especially academic and technical. Unlike other trainings, it was created virtually instead of a physical land table. It works in harmony with Night Vision Goggles (GGG).

Produced for the Turkish University of Health Sciences.


NightWing, which offers training opportunities to any number of people in a completely dark and soundproof classroom environment, also offers different training types such as night vision physilogy academic training, nightime illusions techniques, as well as allowing participants to experience various scenarios interactively, thus being prepared for various problems they may encounter during night flights, ansuring that they have the equipment to eliminate possible dangers.


It includes many night illusion training topics such as the effect of light in the dark, basic anatomy of the visual system and visual physiology, visual perception and changes in nighttime environment,common night vision illusions and silhouette recognition, along with academic trainings such as the Autokinesis with the help of light stick, demonstration of color perception changes and Purkinje effect, importance of avoiding bright red and flashing light.

The simulated virtual terrain model, developed by DEFTR Technology, provides a realistic environment and has high-detail scenes such as land, sea, river,desert,mauntain, road and including airport lights, artifical city lighting, twilight and various moon phases.


In addition, NightWing is compatible with real vision googles as well as simulated scenes, providing a simulating training opportunity. With its advanced technology, NightWing offers an interactive training to the participants,givin the operator maximum control by changing many scene and environment settings such as light and shadow effects, meteorological conditions and visibility as well as allowing the training to be repeated with recorded scenarios.

Thanks to this system, which was first developed by us in Turkey, pilots and flight attendants will be better prepared for possible dangers during night flights. As DEFTR Technology, we are proud of bringing the Nightwing Night Vision Training System to our country and education system.

NIGHT WING Night Vision Training System-TR

NIGHT WING Night Vision Training System-TR

NIGHTWING Night Vision Training System-EN

NIGHTWING Night Vision Training System-EN